Volac Topwrap

Why choose Volac Topwrap?


Volac Topwrap has a formula which gives great strength and ideal tack to ensure the best seal ever, along with a uniform thickness that gives no weak spots throughout the wrap.

Its toughness helps prevent puncturing during handling and stacking, and gives excellent protection against extreme weather.

Volac Topwrap will help you achieve the highest quality winter forage, vital to the success of any livestock enterprise.

More than just a big bale wrap

Volac Topwrap is sold with the full back-up of the experienced Volac advisory team, who will give free advice on big bale silage making techniques, nutrition and feeding.

Further customer support is available on the Volac Forage Advice Line freephone 0800 919808.

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Features and benefits

  • Unique formulation using top quality raw materials
  • State of the art manufacturing techniques which give uniform stretch, thickness and reduced necking
  • A superior product, at the right price
  • Available in Eco-Green, Black and White and in a full range of sizes
  • Superior impermeability to air and water
  • Strong and durable with ideal tack levels
  • UV protection for all climates
  • Side opening boxes and plastic cores
  • Supported by Volac technical back-up and advice

Volac Topwrap is manufactured by Trioplast using modern, dedicated production lines. Volac Topwrap meets the high specification demanded by Volac to ensure consistent quality layer upon layer.

Every pallet that leaves the factory undergoes rigorous quality control tests to ensure the required quality standards are achieved.

How Volac Topwrap leaves the factory

Wound on plastic cores, in side opening boxes, pallets protected by Trioplast industrial wrap

Also available:
250mm x 1800mm rolls at 48 rolls per pallet in White or Eco-Green
360mm x 1500mm rolls at 30 rolls per pallet in White or Eco-Green

Perfection in only four layers

A combination of modern manufacturing techniques and quality raw materials including high-carbon resins has given Volac Topwrap the strength and protection necessary for big bale silage wrapping. For high dry matter (greater than 40%) round bales, all square bales and heavy chopped bales, six layers are recommended. The number of bales per roll of film varies according to the size of the bale, the temperature of the film and how much pre-stretch is used. The following table illustrates the Volac Topwrap required for standard 1.2m x 1.2m bales with the film stretched to 70%.

Calculated to the nearest whole number based on 24 rolls of 500mm, 40 rolls of 750mm per pallet

Volac Topwrap is available through a nationwide network of distributors. Ring free on 0800 919808 or contact your Volac Business Manager for further information and details of your local stockist.

Volac Topwrap Eco-Green film

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Features and benefits

Variations in the surface temperature of a wrapped bale will affect the quality of the silage and the degree of spoilage. Higher temperatures encourage spoilage organisms such as yeasts, moulds and clostridia.

Research has shown that the colour of the film can significantly influence the surface temperature of the bale by up to 20°C. Higher temperatures increase the permeability of the film to air and the resulting combination of air and heat in the humid conditions inside the bale are ideal for the growth of spoilage organisms, which leads to the loss of valuable nutrients.

Spoilage Graph

Volac Topwrap Eco-Green film has been specifically designed to minimise temperature variations in all weathers, helping prevent proliferation of spoilage organisms all year round, making it ideal for all UK and Irish field conditions.

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Cool bales

Volac Topwrap Eco Green is available through a nationwide network of distributors. Ring free on 0800 919808 or contact your Volac Business Manager (Click here for details) for further information and details of your local stockist.

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