Volac Topwrap 2000

Introducing Topwrap 2000 - it wraps more bales

Saving you time and money

A 2,000 metre roll of Topwrap 2000 wraps 30% more bales than a conventional 1,500 metre roll.

Because one roll of Topwrap 2000 wraps more bales you buy fewer rolls of film.  So if you use 34 rolls of film to wrap 1,000 bales, you will only need 26 rolls of Topwrap 2000 to do the same job.  That's 8 rolls less to buy, transport, change and dispose of.  Use our wrap calculator to work out the number of rolls you can save using Topwrap 2000.


Topwrap 2000 is made using a revolutionary process in which the film is stretched under controlled conditions before it goes on the roll, so you get more film on each roll. Specially formulated resins produce a strong film which seals more tightly and has better permeability characteristics, while retaining all the protective qualities of ordinary bale wrap. Together, this process and the new resins make Topwrap 2000 unique, giving real advantages to users

Features and benefits

  • Wraps more bales, up to 30% more.
  • Gives a 10% cost saving per bale.
  • Carries 500m (33%) more film per roll.
  • 30% extra output – up to 10 more bales per roll.
  • Reduces number of roll changes
  • Uses 24% less plastic per bale.
  • Reduces logistic costs (transport, storage, handling etc)
  • No need to change gears or settings.
  • As good as standard film, proven in independent trials.


* This is affected by many factors, including bale size, number of layers, temperature etc.

If you wrap bales with Topwrap 2000, using the same number of layers as standard film, you will save time and money and still produce top quality silage.

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