Volac Mini-Mum Feeder

The Volac Mini-Mum feeder provides warm ad lib feeding for groups of 4 to 6 calves.

The Volac Mini-Mum is a robust moulded plastic feeder which is easy to operate and clean. Most importantly it will save you valuable time during the most labour intensive periods of the years, whilst allowing your calves to maximise their growth potential.

MiniMum feeder image


  • 50 litre capacity
  • 2 Supersuckler teats, silicone tubing, thermometer
  • Thermostatically controlled heater element
  • External pen positioning
  • 24 hour access to liquid milk


  • Ideal for small groups of calves
  • Feeder is ready to use immediately, no additional equipment is needed
  • Complete temperature control at all stages of rearing
  • Weaning can be made easier by gradually reducing the temperature when appropriate
  • Safe and easy to clean and refill
  • Ensures maximum growth opportunities for every calf

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