Volac Ewe 2 Plus Feeder

Ewe 2 Plus Feeder

The Ewe 2 Plus is a warm milk feeder for rearing orphan/surplus lambs which saves valuable time during one of the most labour intensive periods of the year.

50 litre capacity and will rear up to 40 lambs   

Key Features & Benefits

  • Sits outside the pen
  • Ensures optimum safety and avoids spillages
  • Durable 300W steel heater element
  • Not made from glass so unlikely to break
  • Easily controlled thermostat
  • Allows complete control over the temperature
  • Comes with minisucklers, non-return valves and silicone tubing
  • Complete unit ready for use- no additional equipment needed
  • Milk consumed little and often
  • Less risk of digestive upsets
Operating Instructions

The assembly and operating instructions for the Ewe2 Plus are available to download here.
Click on the image to launch.

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