Lamlac Analysis

Lamlac was the first commerically available ewe milk replacer introduced over 40 years ago. Continual development has helped keep Volac Lamlac the UK's No. 1 ewe milk replacer.

Lamlac is available as instant or free flow forms for easy mixing even when cold.

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Usage and Description

Designed for use as a complete replacement for ewe’s milk.

A pale to dark cream coloured powder which mixes instantly in cold or warm water. The product has a creamy/vanilla aroma.

Features and benefits

    Concentrated milk protein

    Highly digestible for faster lamb growth

    Ultrafiltrated milk protein

    Natural health protection with less risk of nutritional upsets

    Suits all rearing systems

    Lamlac can be used in bucket or machine feeding systems- ideal for feeding through warm ad-lib feeders such as the Volac Ewe 2

    Complete feed


    Easy mixing even in cold water

    Fully formulated

    Provides all the nutrients required by the lamb

    Stays fresh for 24 hours

    Excellent in ad-lib systems

    Outstanding growth rates proven in performance trials

    Lamlac is also suitable to feed to kids


Lamlac Instant- available in 5kg, 10kg and 25kg bags.

Lamlac Freeflow- available in 25kg bags

25kg - 50 bags packed on to one pallet- Net weight 1.2t

10kg - 100 bags packed on to one pallet - Net weight 1.0t.

5kg - 220 bags packed on to one pallet - Net weight 1.1t.

Packed into multiwall paper sacks with poly-liners, onto wooden 4-way pallets.

Lamlac Performance Trial Results

Lamlac Performance Trial Results
Char x Finn Dorset
Char x Finn Cambridge
Feeding Systems Cold ad-lib Cold ad-lib
No. of Lambs 28 44
Liveweight at Start (kg) 2.71 4.14
Liveweight at Weaning (kg) 14.08 14.15
Days to Weaning 38 31
DLWG to Weaning (kg/day) 0.30 0.32

Mixing Instructions

200 grams of Lamlac mixed with water to make 1 litre of mixed milk (4oz made up to 1 pint of mixed milk)

Add Lamlac to one third of the required volume of warm or cold water and mix thoroughly.

Top up with fresh warm or cold water to give the final dilution indicated above and whisk lightly.

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