Urban U40 Feeder

Farmer Friendly Calf Rearing



The Volac Urban U40 is reassuringly easy to use, reliable and robust, making it the ideal choice for many farms.

The U40 has been developed within a farm environment and is therefore suited to the everyday needs of calf rearers.

The feeder is designed to automatically mix and dispense milk replacer or whole milk on a pre-set feeding curve. Milk intake for each calf is pre-set through the Primus computer, which has a “user friendly” design for those who are not regular computer users.

Key Features

  • Rears up to 50 calves
  • Primus feeding computer
  • Designed for use with whole milk or milk replacer
  • Precise measuring of milk consumption
  • Up to 8 different feeding curves available
  • Unique circulation system
  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • Robust stainless steel cabinet


Open Feeder


Whole milk proportioner

Allows inclusion of whole or waste milk into the ration at a pre-set ratio.

Whole milk container

For use when feeding whole or waste milk, to store the milk before use. This stainless steel container with agitator is easy to move, for times when it is not needed.

Lockable feed station

To lock calves within the feed station so they can be trained to suckle without disturbance from others. 

Please phone us free on 0800 919808 for a Computerised Feeding Information pack, or contact your Volac Business Manager (Click here for details) for further information, and for details of your local stockist.

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