Faramate was the very first sow milk substitute based on concentrated milk protein. It was widely recognised at launch as being an important breakthrough and now continues to help many more piglets survive through to weaning.

In the UK alone, around 750,000 piglets die every year because they do not get enough milk from the sow. The trend towards larger litters means that birth weights are lower and piglets have to compete more for space at the udder. It was this situation that led Volac to develop Faramate.


Faramate Analysis 

Features and benefits

  • Concentrated milk proteins

  • Modern processing techniques allow natural milk proteins to be gently concentrated without damage so they can be used with greater efficiency
  • Retained immunoglobulins

  • Gentle, low-temperature drying helps preserve nutrient quality and protect and retain valuable immunoglobulins
  • Amino acid balance

  • The amino acid profile of Faramate has been designed to match the amino acide profile of sow's milk

  • Specially selected oils

  • A special blend of highly digestible fats which are as efficiently utilised by the piglet as those found in sow's milk
  • Acidification       

  • Includes an organic acid which helps to keep reconstituted milk fresh for up to 24 hours and improves overall efficiency of digestion
  • Palatability                      

  • High quality, specially selected ingredients ensure Faramate is very palatable and easily digested 


Faramate is available as an instant mixing powder in 10 kg bags.

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