Lactofeed 70

Lactofeed 70 is the ideal solution when an economic free-flowing and non lumping source of lactose is required for piglet diets.

Delivering 70% lactose, equal to sweet whey, it is an ideal easily digestible ingredient for piglets that improves feedintake, digestion and daily gain. In feed trials it performs at least as well as both sweet whey and lactose and outperforms acid whey.

Nutritional analysis

ME Pig (DLG)             13.9 MJ
NE Pig  (CVB)            10.4 MJ 

Analysis of product shown ‘as is’. Non GMO. 

Features and benefits

The unique production process in which the ingredients are mixed in the liquid phase and then spray dried together gives significant advantages.

1    Hygroscopy and caking are reduced to similar levels as high quality monohydrate-lactose.

2    Very stable during all production processes, incl expanders/extruders and premix and concentrate mixtures.

3    Helps to prevent hard pellets as post-pelleting hardening is reduced.


Available in 25 kg bags and 1 tonne mini bulk bags.

Freephone advice line

0800 919808