Wilmar International Limited (Wilmar), Volac's Joint Venture partner in its feed fats business — Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients (VWFI) — recently issued a joint statement with 'Aidenvironment', in support of consumer goods companies. The statement detailed Wilmar’s new supplier monitoring and engagement programme, which will help it to accelerate its efforts towards making the palm oil industry deforestation-free.

The programme was developed to step up the effectiveness of its current No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy, while providing remediation for past deforestation by its third-party suppliers. Wilmar will be supporting efforts by 'Aidenvironment' to develop a comprehensive oil palm supplier group mapping database, under the latter’s Supplier Group Compliance Programme. This resource will enable the land development activities of Wilmar’s suppliers to be better monitored.

Jeremy Goon, Wilmar's Chief Sustainability Officer stated:

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to our NDPE policy and this new enhanced plan is part of our sustainability strategy as we strive towards a supply chain free of deforestation and conflict. However, we must be mindful that our pursuit of sustainability goals does not inadvertently create a negative impact on the smallholders. As importantly, we must ensure that by raising the bar even higher, we do not contribute to a growing market of unsustainable palm oil, also known as the ‘leakage market’. Hence, we continue to place much importance on engagement so that we can continue to guide and assist our smallholders and suppliers towards compliance with our NDPE policy.” 

Eric Wakker, Co-Founder of 'Aidenvironment' Asia, commented on the statement:

“Companies in the palm oil supply chain will now gain better visibility into the plantation companies they source from in terms of their operational locations and especially their compliance with the NDPE policy. It will also allow companies to act faster against suppliers found to be involved in deforestation and peatland development.”

Wilmar was the first palm oil company to launch an NDPE policy that applies to Wilmar-owned plantations, as well as its third-party suppliers at a group-level. This helped pave the way for other companies to adopt similar policies.

Wilmar’s Sustainability Programme

As a leading agribusiness group, Wilmar recognises its fundamental role in developing high-quality products while ensuring a responsible and sustainable method of production. It has an holistic approach to sustainability, integrated with its business model. It's focus is therefore on enhancing stakeholder value while minimising its environmental footprint and making sure its business practices align with universally accepted social and environmental standards.

Wilmar’s NDPE policy underpins its desire to drive transformation across the palm oil industry.

For more information, go to www.wilmar-international.com/sustainability.

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