Dairy Condition Scoring
30 July 2013
Dairy condition scoring - detailed information on this vital technique for monitoring cow energy status and safeguarding milk production and fertility.
Ecosyl DA Ecocorn
15 November 2013
Preservative + inoculant in one for maize and wholecrop cereal silages. DA Ecocorn offers the benefits of two additives in one - all the proven fermentation and animal performance benefits of the high performance MTD/1 strain of Lactobacillus plantarum plus reduced aerobic spoilage from potassium sorbate, a safe, non-corrosive food and feed-approved preservative - a single, easy-use pack.
Ecosyl Eco Applicators
15 November 2013
The ‘Eco’ Applicator range offers reliable, cost-effective applicators for every purpose allowing you to choose the one that best suits your circumstances. They are all specifically designed for application of silage additives and will ensure thorough, even application. They are built to last and are easy to fit and use, all coming with fully variable in-cab controls. Spares are readily available.
Ecosyl DA Varicool
15 November 2013
For flexible application and wholecrop cereals. DA Varicool combines the fermentation and animal performance benefits of MTD/1 inoculant with reduced aerobic spoilage from potassium sorbate, a safe, non-corrosive food and feed approved preservative.
Ecosyl DA Ecobale
15 November 2013
Silage additive for bales. Bales come in all shapes and sizes but they all have the same issues. They are made from higher dry matter (DM) forage so fermentation is slower and losses higher. Their high DM also makes them prone to aerobic spoilage as does their low density and high surface area to volume ratio, leading to potentially very high DM losses. Mouldy bales are also unpalatable and can contain mycotoxins, as well as listeria bacteria which are a particular problem for sheep. Very high DM haylage bales are particularly vulnerable to moulding, a big problem if they are being fed to horses. DA Ecobale silage inoculant contains two unique strains of lactic acid bacteria and a chemical preservative, all in one easy-use pack.
Ecosyl Eco TMR
15 November 2013
EcoTMR contains a mixture of feed and food approved preservatives that are proven to inhibit yeasts and moulds that cause heating in the feed trough.
Ecosyl DA Ecostable
15 November 2013
Ecosyl with Double Action. Double Action technology combines the biological action of the MTD/1 inoculant with the chemical action of potassium sorbate, a safe, non-corrosive, food and feed-approved preservative, in a single, easy-use pack.
Ecosyl 100
15 November 2013
Ecosyl 100 contains a special strain of bacteria, MTD/1, which is only found in the Ecosyl range of silage additives. MTD/1 is an unusual strain of Lactobacillus plantarum with characteristics that make it particularly effective for use as a silage inoculant.
Procrisp White Paper
16 April 2015
The number of protein fortified products on the market today illustrates that food manufacturers, retailers and branded businesses are recognising the market opportunities through consumer demand for protein in living a healthy active life, led by the proven health benefits of protein. Importantly these foods must be in a convenient format and taste great.
Topwrap 5 Point Guide
12 May 2015
Making best use of your resources in the coming months - your machinery, your man power and your money, will help you to maximize the value of your big bale silage, says Volac’s Jeannie Everington who urges all big bale operators to take up the following six point guide.

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