Courtesy of Phil Brookes, National Sales Manager (UK)

March 2021
A wise person once said “March is the month of expectation” and that is so true, never anywhere more than the farming industry.  Expectation for many lambs to be born, expectation for bumper harvests to come from wisely selected seed options, expectation for superb grass growth for milk meat and forage production.  Winter is over! We are starting to enjoy longer days.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.
The sheep farmers are really starting to get busy now.  All of the maternity units need to be set up as when the Ewe has her lambs she has to be put into a small pen with them usually just for a couple of days for them to bond and then they can be let out into larger groups and will always find one another.  Often, if you look into the fields you can see numbers sprayed onto the lambs and the corresponding number is on the mother so should anybody get lost they can easily be reunited.
The dairy farmers will be getting ready for the grass growth with fertilizer to be applied and then the cows can go out.  If there is plenty of silage still left in the clamp there is no rush to turn the cows out but the sooner they can go out then the less extra feed has to be purchased in giving more profitable litres of milk from the grassland.  The market prices for all farm products (Milk, Beef, Lamb) are very strong now and there is a great feeling of optimism in the industry.  The Spring coming just helps that optimism to develop.
Spring is also the season for planting, but remember, “never put a baby in a cold bed”. Nothing planted into cold wet soil will prosper.  A little patience now will pay dividends later as crops planted at the correct time will easily overtake ones planted at the wrong time.
Finally, and of course the main highlight of March has to be at the end.  The clocks go forward, even more light, and evenings sat out in the garden, hopefully with friends allowed to join.  I am sure this will be most welcome to all.
More next month.
Phil Brookes

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