Courtesy of Phil Brookes, National Sales Manager (UK)

April 2021

Well, here we are! the optimism we felt in March being rewarded with longer days, far more sunshine and light.  Inevitably for April, four seasons in one day, with T-shirts required in the daytime, woolly hats and mittens in the evenings.  However, I don’t think anything can dampen our enthusiasm for the great outdoors in Springtime.  Somebody once said, “Spring makes you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush”.
The farm is really busy now with everything starting to burst into life.  Spring seed sowing, fertilising and planting is underway with cereal crops, grass seeds, and of course potatoes all needing to get in the ground.  The fields are starting to look much greener as plants take up some much needed sunlight and really start to grow.  The other things starting to grow rapidly are the weed plants and farmers will be out in the fields checking their crops for weed invasion and taking the required actions against them and indeed fighting the common pests of which slugs would be one of the most problematic at this time of year.  They can really do some damage in a very short time to any new plants both on farm and in our gardens.
Talking of growing have you seen the lambs in the fields on your walks? You can really see them growing with their mothers’ milk and fresh new grass to eat there are some good strong looking lambs out there.  In the South of the county where it is warmer lambing will be nearing the end for most whilst further North there will still be plenty of lambs to be born.
In some areas of the country the dairy cows will be outside for the first time since the Autumn and as the days go by this will be happening more and more across the country.  This is a great time for most dairy farmers who, having coped through the winter with constantly rising feed costs will be able to produce milk from their own home grown grass which must be a great relief.
It does not seem long ago that we were talking about forage stocks and would the farmers have enough silage for the winter.  Now we are looking forward to one of the first harvests of the year, grass for the new silage crops preserving feed for the 2021 winter.  This will start in May.  Off we go again!!.
More next month.

Phil Brookes.

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