CSR in action: connecting with customers.

Recently, Volac's Customer Care Team based in Orwell, nr. Cambridge, were lucky enough to visit the Cambridge University Farm.

The Farm was created around 1900, just after the establishment of a Department of Agriculture at Cambridge, so it has a long history in the area. It covers approximately 2600 acres at the western edge of Cambridge.

Large-scale livestock farming is unusual in Cambridgeshire, but one of the obligations of the University Farm is to provide adequate teaching material for the Department of Veterinary Medicine, so approximately 177 milking cows and 250 sheep are kept and there is a dedicated dairy unit.

The visit was arranged to give the Customer Care team the opportunity to become familiar with what happens on a working farm and experience livestock and everyday farm activities at first hand. It was also an easy way to learn about how Volac nutritional products are used by farmers and the difference they make to the health of animals and their productivity.

The team were also able to reflect upon how their high-quality customer service helps to make a real difference in delivering Dairy Nutrition for a Healthier World.

The visit was hosted by Bernie Maolloy, Deputy Herd Manager and she guided the team around the site, pointing out the mixture of livestock present and the activities that are needed for rearing and caring for lambs, calves and mature dairy cows.

The farm is also an end user of our products, including Lamlac® ewe milk replacer and calf milk formulas and the team were able to see Blossom® Easymix from ‘The Lifeguard Range’ of products expertly delivered by computerised feeders.

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