Volac’s new ingredient, Volactive Pro2O® Ready-to-Mix (RTM), is set to launch at Vitafoods Europe on May 9th in Geneva, Switzerland. Unlike traditional milk-based RTMs, Volactive® Pro2O® allows manufacturers to develop shakes that are clear in solution, thereby unlocking refreshing new fruit-based flavours, such as citrus and melon, for consumers to explore.

“In today’s market, Performance and Active consumers desire not only exciting new flavours but also optimised products with less foam, reduced powder residue, and clear nutritional benefits,” says Nadia El-Zanfaly, Marketing Manager at Volac. Utilising a unique agglomeration technique, Pro2O® offers manufacturers an ingredient with excellent mixability, improved powder flow, and up to five times faster foam dispersion than current market offerings. El-Zanfaly notes that “the benefits of using Pro2O® translate into an enhanced experience for the consumer while also maintaining the classic attributes associated with the clear RTM category, including lower turbidity and a neutral mouthfeel.”

Unlocking the power of whey protein

Volactive®Pro2O® is extremely low in fat and carbohydrate and is an excellent source of concentrated natural proteins from milk of high biological value. Elisa Glover, Nutrition Specialist at Volac, says, “Protein sources vary in nutritional value. The difference lies in the protein quality, determined by the amino acid profile and the protein source’s digestibility. Higher quality protein sources are easily digestible and provide ample amounts of essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce.” Glover continues, highlighting how “Volactive Pro2O® is a great example of one of the highest quality protein sources, whey protein isolate,” giving consumers peace of mind that their clear protein shake meets the nutritional needs for optimal health and muscle growth. 

The benefits of Pro2O® are clear… 

Mike Hughes, from FMCG Gurus, a leading consumer research provider explains that “the healthiness of a product can be shaped by several attributes, including how it appears. From a ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix beverage, the density and colour of the liquid influence perceptions of healthiness, with consumers wanting reassurance that products are refreshing, nutritional, or free from ingredients that may be detrimental to health.” Hughes adds that “ultimately, these opinions on types of liquid within the beverage market can be shaped by the long-standing view that water is the purest form of liquid, an opinion often formed in childhood. As a result, any beverage that mirrors this, by being seen as transparent, will be deemed as natural as you can get.”

Volac will be showcasing Volactive® Pro2O Ready-to-Mix at Vitafoods Europe, May 9th-11th Stand I39.

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