The Dutch Denkavit Group and UK based Volac International Limited have reached agreement for the acquisition by Denkavit of the Volac Milk Replacer business. This acquisition was a strategic decision for both parties, based on a strong wish to work with a partner with similar ambition and values to take the Volac Milk Replacer business to the next level.

David Neville, CEO Volac International Ltd:

“Our Milk Replacer business is something we can be hugely proud of. We want that business to continue to flourish. As our portfolio of products in Volac Animal Nutrition expands further into the Feed Additives area following the successful acquisition of Micron Bio-Systems in 2021, we want to build on the synergies this brings. We have made the decision to sell our Milk Replacer business to a leading player in that market who can give it the focus it deserves.

It was hugely important to us to sell to a company with similar ambition and values. We have enjoyed a healthy relationship with Denkavit over the years, and look forward to this new chapter and seeing them take the Milk Replacer business to the next level.”

Erik Buys, CEO of Denkavit:

“We are very excited to announce this important step for us. The Volac products impress us and, we believe them to be a valuable addition to our portfolio, as they are renowned for superior quality and therefore fit seamlessly into our Group. This acquisition strongly supports our ambition for global leadership in the calf milk replacer industry, bringing us a strong position in the UK and Irish markets.”

The completion of the acquisition is an exciting step for both companies, which sees Denkavit becoming sole owner of the Volac Milk Replacer commercial organisation, and the Volac Socoor business in Italy. Product for the home markets of UK and Ireland will continue to be supplied and blended by Volac as part of the deal, and as such will remain partners in this regard. Volac Milk Replacers Ltd, Volac Milk replacers Ireland Ltd and Volac Socoor SRL remain committed to delivering the same quality and value to its customers, stakeholders and partners while being part of the Denkavit Group.

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