How we work together

Our entrepreneurial heritage shapes our culture and inspires us to confront the challenges in our world.

A shared belief in the power of dairy and the desire to fulfil our Purpose guides us in our work.

We use the best aspects of being a family business — confidence, integrity and pride — to cultivate a workplace that is an open, inclusive, positive and collaborative.

It makes us more agile and efficient.

Our culture is team-focused and respects diverse approaches, helping us to meet our commitments to sustainability, drive innovation and support our customers in the best way possible.

We recognise the importance of nurturing a dynamic workplace: in such an environment everyone can make a valuable contribution to helping us achieve our long-term revenue and strategic goals.

Our four values are fundamental to us:

We invest in people — they’re our business

People make us who we are, and our highly-motivated teams work across commercial, production and support operations across the globe.

As a family built and led business, people and effective relationships have always been key to our success.

That is why we invest in great people and prize high-quality skills, enthusiasm and original thinking.

We want the best people for our roles and everyone who works at Volac to feel valued and participate fully in the business.

We recognise that supporting wellbeing is critically important too, so we take great care in providing personal development opportunities to help people flourish.

Everybody is encouraged to fulfil their potential, learn new skills and grow in their careers to achieve their professional aspirations.

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