The Volac Leadership Programme (VLP) has been running since 2016 and aims to develop talented first line leaders across the business.

74 colleagues have now been though the course, which takes place over 3-4 months and comprises a series of multi-day workshops, including guest speakers from the Volac Senior leadership team, project work and 1:1 mentoring with a previous course participant.

Throughout the programme, members are encouraged to:

Understand their unique self and what they bring to the business.


Put this into practice within the context of Volac’s values -

The course culminates with each participant doing a presentation to their peers, line managers and Volac directors, sharing their leadership approach and what they bring to the business, plus a summary of their project results.

As well as personal development, the VLP enables participants to forge links with colleagues in other functions, understand more about the business as whole, and raise their profile within the organisation.

Congratulations to all of our VLP class of 2023 who presented a series of thoughtful and inspiring projects earlier in September.


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