Healthier animals mean sustainable herds

Our passion for dairy nutrition began with animal nutrition.

Volac is committed to helping dairy farmers improve the long-term health and welfare of their animals in responsible ways.

We want farmers to make the most of their herds and the best use of resources available to them, so they can prosper and be more competitive — this makes the dairy industry more productive and sustainable.

Our animal nutrition business is driven by developing, manufacturing and supplying high-performance products, specifically designed to advance livestock productivity.

We manufacture to the highest industry requirements, making the best use of carefully sourced raw materials.

We have optimum control over the quality of the ingredients that we use and the formulations we generate.

We focus on providing every customer with innovative animal nutrition solutions — a distinctive combination of products, supported by deep technical knowledge, great practical advice and tailored services.

Our products and services cover:

  • Young Animal Nutrition
  • Feed Fats
  • Forage Preservation
  • Feed Additives

Young Animal Nutrition

The first few months of a young animal's life are critical, because they determine how it may grow, how healthy it can be and how productive it will become over its lifetime.

From experience, we know that this pre-weaning period can help determine rearing efficiency, herd performance and ultimately impact on the overall profitability of a farm.

Our milk formulas, colostrum products and specialist feeding equipment are designed to safeguard young animal health — we want every animal to get the best possible start.

We pioneered the development and manufacture of high-performance milk formulas and created the first commercially available instantised milk replacer for lambs: Lamlac®.

We subsequently developed Imunopro® using our whey-processing expertise and this provides our blended milk formulas with a unique range of bioactive components essential for growth.

To give farmers the best information regarding young animal health, we offer guidance and tailored support via two online platforms.

Feed Fats: Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients (VWFI)

Volac created the world-leading rumen-protected feed fat Megalac® to meet the health needs of the modern dairy cow and from it we developed a comprehensive range of feed fat ingredients.

Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients (VWFI), distributes our entire Megalac® range as a joint venture. It combines Volac’s reputation as a leader in animal nutrition with Wilmar’s expertise in the refining and supply of vegetable oils.

As VWFI, both Volac and Wilmar aim to set the agenda for the responsible and ethical sourcing of raw materials and we believe that feed fats play an important part in delivering sustainable livestock productivity improvements.

Volac Wilmar sources palm oil products from Wilmar who have an industry-leading No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy.

The implementation of this policy can be tracked via Wilmar's ‘Sustainability Dashboard’ — a microsite dedicated to reporting on Wilmar's NDPE endeavour.

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Feed Fats: Megalac®

Megalac® is one of Volac’s most important innovations and represents the culmination of an intensive research and development process over many years.

It is a product that ingeniously optimises the unique dietary attributes of fatty acids and makes them available to the cow, without upsetting the balance that exists in the rumen.

The Megalac® range of feed fats has been developed to offer different fatty acid profiles, from which farmers can select a particular product. This makes it easier for them to meet specific needs in their herds — whether they want to increase milk yield, improve fertility or increase butter fat or protein content of their milk.

Our product-based Megalac® website provides extensive animal management guidance, nutrition advice and technical support related to feed fat use.

Forage Preservation

We have long recognised that well-made silage and efficient forage preservation are crucial to keeping livestock fed during winter and we are convinced that superior quality silage can make a significant difference to a farm’s overall efficiency and profitability.

Maintaining the nutritional quality of silage across a range of forage crops is vital, so we manufacture high-quality silage additives — the market-leading Ecosyl™ silage inoculants — to the highest specifications at our cutting-edge research facility in Port Talbot, South Wales.

They contain a specially-selected bacterium, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum strain MTD/1, which is extremely effective at controlling fermentation and preserving the nutritional quality of silage, either as clamps or big bales. It can not only reduce silage losses, but independent studies have shown that it also improves milk yield.

Volac has helped to transform silage-making in other ways too.

We want every farmer to get the most from their silage, so best-practice advice and resources can be accessed from our product site and our educational Cut To Clamp platform.


Feed Additives

Volac is dedicated to developing species-based agricultural solutions designed to improve animal health, performance and productivity to those who strive for the health of their livestock. 

Offering exceptional customer service is at our core, equal to our technical ability to research, test and develop high quality products that go above and beyond expectation.  We believe in making agriculture great.

Our philosophy is based on fundamental principles that underline the importance of the animals’ internal and external biological systems and their subsequent impact on health and well-being.

A thorough understanding of farming production systems is essential before we apply our Smart ScienceTM and core scientific competencies in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology and immunology.  With this knowledge the challenges are identified and key technologies applied to build product-based solutions. 

As our global need for sustainable food grows, we understand our pivotal role in developing science-based solutions that supports those who produce food. 

We  supply our products through a network of agricultural distributors, right around the world. Our distributors are supported through our exceptional customer service and product support.